Friday, 27 November 2009

Yesterday's News (lost in the wind)

This multimedia piece was performed at RWCMD in September 2009.
We live in a time of complete media saturation, of instant and constant news coverage. There has
never been so much information available to us, and never so much misdirection and falsehood.
Free press has the ability to enlighten and empower us, to expose corruption and bridge societal
rifts. When this freedom is subverted however, the media can be used to keep us atomised, divided
and numb. ‘Yesterday’s News’ is intended as a comment on this constant barrage of news media,
and as an attempt to reduce it to what it really amounts to when its integrity is undermined; babble.
To reflect the 24hr cycle of today’s news media the piece is divided into four main sections,
corresponding to the phases of day and the four ink colours used in newspaper print; Black, Yellow,
Cyan and Magenta. The piece begins halfway through the Night/Black phase of the cycle and goes
full circle.

watch the video here

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