Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Lamentable Tale of David Icke

David Icke, now this is a person who irritates me thoroughly. The scary thing is that his (what can only be described as) mumbo jumbo is starting to pull crowds and give him considerable recognition. The most ludicrous leap in logic imaginable, he starts harping on about an alien race of reptilian illuminati that exist beyond our perception, and people leap with him without questioning the rift! I mean for fuck's sake!
His defense of this position is what really grates. When people are rightly outraged by this concept of scaly ethereal overlords, Icke snaps back with an incredibly warped Hegelian dialectic - "you're stuck in a box mate!"- one can imagine him insisting. I wonder how he would respond to someone who immediately accepted this lunacy without equivocation, the shock would probably force him to admit he made it all up.
The thing is, there might well be realities or plains of existence beyond our narrow frequency of perception, but the question that immediately springs to mind is "Why fucking lizards? and how the fuck do you know that anyway?" If we can't perceive anything beyond the corporeal realm, surely that 'anything' is beyond our concern and certainly beyond the authority of David Icke to try and tell us it's full of reptiles. He goes on to suggest that the makers of "The Matrix" were remarkably close to the truth, so the only reason I can't put my hand through a wall is because I'm conditioned to believe that the wall is solid. Here's a question, how does that theory account for bumping into things accidentally? When someone came up behind me and twatted me around the head with a stick, i didn't know the stick was even there, never mind being under any delusions about its existential properties. It didn't pass through me nor I through it, it hit me, and it hurt, because it was a fucking stick and sticks are hard.
The point i'm trying to make is this; Why do people have to come to such outlandish conclusions about reptiles running shit and controlling our minds? Sure, the way the world is run doesn't make any sense, is inhumane and the official explanations of events provided for us insult our intelligence, but lizard people? Isn't corporate control and a system which values profit over human life a more viable culprit? hmm...

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