Thursday, 17 January 2008

The U.S. election distraction.

Its difficult to know how much we should care about the US caucus race and forthcoming election. The Obama Clinton debate is rendered fairly pointless when one considers the emptiness of the position in question. There is an immovable capitalist framework already in place and the person who ends up sitting on top of it might as well be sitting on their thumb. There's no one who can get elected who will be able to do any good, so what we need in the oval office is an organism that can't do any harm. A pot plant maybe, or some lichen...
All the news channels will be encouraging us (through saturation more than anything else) to keep a close eye on the developments of the presidential fiasco and maybe even do some campaigning of our own. Frankly, I'd rather lick Hilary Clinton's balls.

(A Woman? Really?...Oh yes, she did say.)

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